1. When would you like to hire the iPads?

Not sure about the dates? You can always change them later - just put in your best guess for now. If you do change the dates, we'll automatically update the quote for you.

Start date The date the iPads will be delivered.

End date The date the iPads will be collected.

2. What would you like to hire?

Choose the iPad (or accessory), type in how many you'd like, then click 'Add to quote'.

Add to quote

3. This is what we think it'll cost

We need to double-check courier, pricing and availability.

Item Quantity Unit cost Total cost
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Total cost $

* Courier charges are estimates only. We'll confirm these after a booking has been made.

** Damage insurance is optional, you may remove this from your quote if you wish. Damage insurance covers all damage to the iPad (e.g. broken screen, major dents), but does not cover total loss of the iPad (e.g. theft, or dropping the iPad off a boat). An excess of $50 per iPad applies.

4. Ready to create a booking?

After you've requested a booking, we'll check that the iPads and accessories are available and let you know if there are any issues.